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PingAccess Training

PingAccess provides the security that only the right users can access sensitive resources. A security platform ensures that those requesting access have the appropriate permissions to get in, user context and device posture to access applications, down to the URL level.PingAccess is an identity-based access management that protects Web Applications and APIs by applying security policies to client requests who have authorised permission.

Details of PingAccess Training Course

There is no specific pre-requirement to get PingAccess Training.

PingAccess Certification: We will provide you with a certification after the completion of the course, which will be well recognized by the IT companies all over the world.

Excellent Trainers: We Train IAM provide the very best training and has an exceptional set of trainers who have got an experience of 10+ years as well as certified in PingAccess Training. Our training professionals have practical knowledge and guide our students in both classroom or online sessions.

Study Material: Apart from the training session We Train IAM provides you with few value added bonuses including PPTs, Study Material, Tutorial Videos among others and you will have a lifetime access to these perks.

Job Assistance: We will always be there for you even after the completion of the course. We will assist our students and would help them in getting a job in a well reputed company in SDS related field. *
*T&C Applied

Why Take PingAccess Training from Us?

WeTrainIAM is a training & recruitment company which provides training as well as job placements in various Identity and Access Management Technologies. It is one of the leading identity and access management training companies.
WeTrainIAM trainers are certified in their respective fields and have experience of 10+ years in training.
Trainings are provided all around the world. The trainings are provided in classroom basis for those who want to train in batch. But if the student is more comfortable in learning from his/her home, then there is a option of live online training, where the student gets training from the trainer over live video.
Along with the training sessions, the students get proper Ping study material, lab access, vms, etc for easy and more hands on learning.

We Train IAM will be available for you 24×7 and will solve any issues regarding the training, timings, trainer or server. We are ready to solve any issues with in no time.

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Classroom Training

Classroom training is the most effective form of learning. For attending a class session one must invest their time and efforts as well, but the benefits are significant.
Students can easily clear their doubt on the spot and moreover it is delivered by professional instructors in a dynamic learning environment.Enroll Now

Live Online Training

With PingAccess live online training, you’ll be able to learn from an expert instructor from anywhere around the world through your PC. This enables you to access training from distant locations where you may not be able to visit personally.

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Self Paced Learning

Self learning kit allows each individual student to make the best use of his/her time, in order to meet his/her learning objectives. Further, self-learning can improve memory performance. Self-paced learning allows you to create your training hours in between your personal and job responsibilities or whenever you feel comfortable.

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Course Curriculum

  • i. Overview and installation of PingAccess
  • ii. Configuration
  • iii. Introduction to OAuth and OpenID Connect
  • iv.Configuring PingAccess to protect web applications and APIs
  • v.Configuring PingAccess rewrite and access control rules
  • vi. PingAccess clustering and administration


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